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Direct Marketing


When it comes to selling a property, direct marketing is the best way to reach more prospective buyers.

Direct marketing techniques are essential to almost every aspect of real estate business, especially in selling a property. In fact, understanding direct marketing can help make practically every step of the selling process more profitable and a lot less risky.

Our team has the expertise to advertise your home more effectively & sell it for the best price. We have a diverse team that brings a special blend of knowledge and experience to make our clients more contented and successful.

Our Strategy:

  • We create visibility to your property
  • We advertise in Social & Print media
  • We design flyers, brochures, social media ads to market your property
  • We have professional photographers to capture the interior and exterior of your home to attract more buyers.
  • We provide relevant information – house type, floor plan, neighborhood, amenities, bedroom sizes, etc.

We know that each property is unique and has distinctive features that may interest potential buyers. We directly market your home’s best features in order to grab the attention for a top dollar sale.

We are the specialists in direct marketing!

We design the flyers & brochures to make the most of the property, as we know a successful property sale starts with a successful marketing strategy.

Why Team Lamba?

  • 100% Hard working & dedicated team
  • An Award winning company
  • Member of luxury home marketing
  • Top 1% agents in Canada
  • We do 1 deal every 30 hours
  • Available 24 hours

Ask us about..

  • Your home’s actual price
  • What the buyers are looking for
  • Must-have features
  • Our marketing strategy
  • Negotiation process

We have answer to all your questions. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our office or call us directly.

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