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Drone Photography


Marketing a real estate property is one of the toughest things to do in business today. As the competition is vicious, it becomes challenging to stand out from the crowd.

Real estate agents claim that drones are the latest & the most powerful technology in the industry.

Highlighting the details of a luxury home from 200 feet in the air is the main benefit of using drones. It could produce sweeping shots of the landscapes surrounding the home & could capture images that are dramatic, gorgeous & seamless.

Benefits of Drone Photography

  1. Creates striking images very easily
  2. Automatic point-of-interest camera targeting
  3. Creates more natural virtual tour
  4. Highlights all the features of the property – from pools, landscape, walking paths, yard, nearby parks, schools, etc.
  5. It is easier to arrange and capture.


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What we do?

We take advantage of this wonderful technology to advertise your property and make it look awesome and stand out. Our photographers are highly skilled and incredibly professional to create these virtual tours.

Luxury homes need high quality marketing. That said, the listings that provide more information, sell faster. Drone photography and videography has increased the real estate marketing in a big way.

A camera drone can fly into a home through the front door and travel through every room and highlights the waterfront, garden, thereby capturing the beauty of the home far better than ground photography.

drone photography, team lamba, best realtor in mississauga, sell your home in mississauga, brampton

Why Us?

  1. Create super-steady, flowing shots & videos.
  2. Highlight more features of your property
  3. Have good control over drones – We make it fly with the wind, not against it.
  4. Shoot 2-3 times to ensure the photographs are picture perfect.
  5. Edit the photos, plan the camera angles, tilt and zoom for better results.

What are you waiting for? Get your property and land shot in a more eloquent manner & sell it for the best price!!!

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