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Marketing Plans

Marketing Plans

The better the marketing, the more likely a product will get sold – and that is why we advertise through many different avenues to ensure many potential buyers see your property! With our experienced and reliable team, we work to ensure you top quality service, and that means getting your property out there and purchased ASAP so you can have moved into your next home with ease. Every week, we advertise with many different print mediums which include newspapers, magazines, flyers, ads, brochures and much more. We promote in the city your property is located, nearby cities, and a rotation of different cultural newspapers to ensure maximum coverage.  When you team up with us, your property is advertised right away! With online advertising, we use:


Toronto MLS –


Email distribution

We use social media to communicate and interact with our friends and fans alike to let them know of properties we currently have listed with photos and commentary. Our photographer also creates a Virtual Tour of your property and uploaded onto MLS for a more detailed viewing. Our marketing efforts strive to reach as many potential buyers as possible to ensure you get a maximum number of showings and the best-sold price possible.


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