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Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is the most powerful aspect of real estate!

Negotiation is about speaking what you want, going after it and respecting the opposite party in the process. We, the Team Lamba never negotiate out of fear. But we never fear to negotiate.

We negotiate hard on the price as we are word-perfect in the current market values.

Our Strategy:

  • Proper Planning
  • Organizing Sessions
  • Bargain
  • Settlement

If you want a higher price for your property, you need to know how to negotiate; when to start and when to stop. We are the best at negotiations, as we are familiar with the neighborhood and the ever-changing real estate market.

You might have advertised your property and have spent time in staging your home, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get a higher price.
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It’s always best to try & make a deal that both sides feel good about. We achieve this with our highly experienced agents who has great knowledge in property sales and negotiation.

What We Do?

  • Pricing your property right – We do a lot of research on neighborhood comps & provide a benchmark for asking price that reflects market valuations.
  • We get the bottom line correct for a seller – “A top dollar sale”
  • We are experts in rational thinking & business skills
  • We are realistic & straightforward in negotiating
  • We know what your property is worth – So, we do right by you.

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Turning The Deal In Your Favor:

Negotiations are done mostly In Person. Phone or Email negotiations doesn’t really help in finding the opposite party’s reactions. That said, Analyzing and studying the behavior and body language of the buyer is very important. It can yield a lot of information about his or her underlying feelings.

We prepare a list of reasons why the seller’s proposal would be beneficial to the opposing party. The logic is to finally bring up these key points during the actual negotiation with the party in a hope that this will help us to win the deal!


We are the Masters in the Art of Negotiation. For Selling your house, Talk To Our Agents!

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