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Open Houses

Open Houses

We are the experts in selling a house at an open house!

Open House is a smart plan to expose your home to the largest number of potential buyers. It is the best way to get your property sold as fast as possible for top dollars.

A well-executed open house can generate more anticipation about the property and potentially might lead to a deal.


  • Advertise an open house through online, print media, social media, etc.
  • Place attractive sign boards
  • Stage a home to make sure the right people show up
  • Hold open houses mostly on weekends to capture more traffic



We show your home to the widest possible audience and make the open house event a big success. Also, we list your property on the internet before the first open house event is scheduled. We have professional stagers, who provide Staging Service to design & create an exceptional look for your home.

We keep all the documents pertaining to the house ready, like:

  1. Inspection Reports
  2. Appraisal Papers
  3. Repair Documents
  4. Warranty Reports

We the members of Team Lamba collect the feedback from all the visitors in order to know what they thought of the property and would they consider buying it or not. It’s the only way to get direct answers.

Our team members are highly skilled and can be a gracious host for an open house.

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Why Team Lamba:

  • Very Professional
  • Daily, Weekly Follow up with the buyers
  • We spread the word…
  • Be a well-mannered host
  • Ask feedback

We create a spot for the buyers to talk about your home to their friends & family by presenting the property in a very professional way.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to sell your home fast for a high price, talk to our agents today!

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