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Regular Feedback

Regular Feedback

We tell our clients what feedback really means!

When it comes to selling a home, the buyer feedback is very essential. It is a fringe benefit to add to the success of a property sale.

Feedback is a buzzword in the real estate business. It helps to sell a home much faster than expected, because the seller gets a clear-cut information about what a buyer feels about the house, his intention towards buying or how well the home meets the expectation & so on.

What do we do? We ask questions…

We conduct a research, gain clarity on properties and discuss the possible areas of improvement with the seller. Our agents are bold & creative and never hesitate to get feedback after all showings, because it always keeps the business ahead of the curve.

Our Questionnaire:

  • What do you think about the house?
  • What did you like the most?
  • What needs improvement?
  • What did you like the least?
  • What do you feel about the price?
  • How do you compare this home with others?


If you don’t ask, you don’t get an answer!

Feedback is very important for a successful open house sale. Our real estate professionals collect the feedback from all the visitors during the event, in order to know what they thought of the property and would they consider buying it or not.

We gather, organize and compile the data for each property listing and keep the sellers up-to-date with the information.

We Keep The Seller Happy!

Home feedback is a success to the industry, as it helps to close a deal in a simplified manner.


  • Improve the appearance of the home
  • Fix a price range
  • Successful negotiation
  • Learn facts about other homes in the market
  • Builds good relationship
  • Sell home faster than expected

Let our feedback process help you sell your home! We are available 24 hours, Call Us or Drop us a line today.


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